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The city of Chania is located on the north-east coast of the Prefecture of Chania in Crete. Since ancient times, the city has faced many conquerors and bears the influences of many civilizationsthrough time, evident in Chania’s monuments. The city of Chania has managed to preserve its historical character and it is now considered one of the most beautiful cities of Greece as well as the most picturesque city of Crete.

During the Venetian and Ottoman periods, some of the most magnificent buildings of Chania were constructed; among them the city’s Venetian Port, the value of which was especially recognized during mid 19th century, as well as its potential to improve the local economy. This is when the port’s lighthouse was constructed, becoming a landmark for the city of Chania and ever since “spreading light” to the beauties of Chania’s past and present.

The city of Chania looks forward to welcoming the 6th Conference on Qualitative Research in Mental Health (May25-27, 2016).