SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management is a Ltd company established in 1995 in order to meet the needs of the scientific community of Thessaloniki for professional support in organizing conferences & events. From the very beginning, SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management's distinguishing element was the emphasis on the cultural & touristic programme of each event, believing strongly on the dynamic of bringing out the culture of an event’s hosting destination and developing a series of initiatives in order for participants to experience the conference city during their stay.

In 2002, during the 8th Annual Meeting of European Association of Archaeologists, held inThessaloniki, SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management incorporated to the social programme of the conference a series of thematic walks which gave the opportunity to conference participants to walk though and be guided at the most important archaeological sites and monuments of Thessaloniki. Broadening our activity in 2002 in the field of Cultural Management, cultural & tourist programmes became an essential part of SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management’s event developement strategy.

Having developed conference’s cultural and touristic programmes for more than 10 years, SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management brings forward an interesting, exciting and thematically designed project, ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’, and offers to all visitors’ of Thessaloniki the opportunity to be told the city’s many stories. 

SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management is a travel agency authorized by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) with license number Μ.Η.Τ.Ε. 09.33.Ε.61.00.00078.00, a legally authorized company to offer all tourist services to visitors in Greece.   GNTO is a public entity supervised by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, and responsible for all tourism sector businesses. Additionally, SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management is a member of SETE, the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises.

SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management's team members and project managers of the 'Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours' initiative are all highly qualified and experienced in the fields of Archaeology & History of Art, Urban Culture, Cultural Management and Creative Industries. 'Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours' programme is knowingly designed and organised by Symvoli's team members and implemented by experienced professional tour guides, instructors of State School for Guides, all licensed by the Greek Ministry of Culture &Tourism.