January 2013 | Cyprus enjoys Greek wine & spirits

Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours organized a special tour for a group of Cypriot businessmen, guests of the Mediterranean Palace Hotel. For the first time we incorporated the athletic history of Thessaloniki in our historical city tour and we inaugurated a cooperation with Babatzim Wine & Spirits, one of the most reputable wineries and distilleries in Greece.

babatzim  babatzim

November 2012 | East to West! Middle East tour operators @ Thessaloniki

Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki invites a group of Middle Eastern tour operators to Thessaloniki. “Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours” is once again their touring choice to be guided around its monuments, markets and neighborhoods.


October 2012 | DIE WELT in Thessaloniki 

Excelsior Hotel invites Marko Martin, journalist at DIE WELT (average circulation currently more than 200.000 in more than 130 countries). He is guided to Thessaloniki’s history, monuments, past and present by walking a ‘Kaleidoscope Tour’!

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Die Welt

Αugust 2012 | Mediterranean Palace Hotel endorsement

Mediterranean Palace Hotel incorporates the ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’ in its promo material, as a travelling tip.

Live moments in Thessaloniki | Collect memories from the North of Greece
Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours @ page 11 

Mediterreanean Palace Hotel

Discover Thessaloniki 
Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours @ page 19 

Mediterranean Palace Hotel


July 2012 | 30th ISME World Conference [participants: 2500]

SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management and ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’, were the exclusive partners of the 30th ISME World Conference in the sections of Tours & Excursions. A new thematic walk with the title ‘Music Traditions of Thessaloniki’ was specially designed and organised by SYMVOLI on this occasion.  


June 2012 | Russian tour operators @ Thessaloniki

In cooperation with Aegean Airlines and Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki we present ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’ to invited Russian tour operators: ‘Food on Foot!’ and a boat trip to narrate from a maritime perspective Thessaloniki’s many stories.


May 2012 | Austrian reporters @ Thessaloniki

A group of Austrian reporters invited by The Excelsior Hotel, visit Thessaloniki in order to explore it as a fresh city break destination. ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’ introduce them to the city by walking a “Kaleidoscope Tour”!


Summer 2012 | Thessaloniki Tourism Office endorsement

The Thessaloniki Tourism Organization embraces ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’ and adds them as a city tour proposal in its official website. 


April 2012 | first individual tour

First individual customers take the Winery tour at Domaine Gerovassiliou. ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’ get down to business!

Domaine Gerovassiliou  Domaine Gerovassiliou

July 2 2011 | first group tour  

Τhe first group city walk is organized in the framework of the joint architectural workshop between Columbia University and Aristotle University, ‘Eco-Tales The terra incognita of Thessaloniki’s sea line’, organized by the Northern Greece Entrepreneurs Cultural Society


Summer 2011 | Sani Magazine endorsement

‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’ first publicity linked to an article about ‘A walk through the city’ at SANI MAGAZINE of Sani Resort.

Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours @ page 43 
Sani Magazine

September 2009 | 18th Congress of the Association Internationale pour l’ Histoire du Verre [participants: 180]

Archaeologists from all over the world were guided inThessalonikiand nearby sites of archaeological interest through a series of specially designed walks and tours, and a custom made Conference & City Guide prepared by SYMVOLI.


4th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering [participants: 750]

A custom made ‘Conference’s City & Cultural Guide’ is prepared by SYMVOLI and handed to the participants including information, not only about the conference’s cultural programme and offered city walks and tours, but also suggesting museums and exhibitions to visits, alternative paths to walk and city spots to discover, places to eat and entertain.  


Pre-Olympic Congress 2004, Sport Science through the Ages [participants: 1500]

One of the most important congresses held in Thessalonikijust before the inauguration of the Olympic Games Athens 2004. Additionally to different sightseeing options for participants in and nearby the city, SYMVOLI organized alternative tours and excursions, in accordance to conference attendees field of expertise, such as hiking, trekking & canyoning, and scuba diving.

Pre-Olympic    Pre-Olympic

8th Annual Meeting of European Association of Archaeologists [participants: 920]

The concept of thematic city walks and tours was first realized during the 8th Annual Meeting of European Association of Archaeologists in 2002: walks to city monuments, museum visits, a boat trip toThermaikosGulf and a musical performance in the Roman Forum’s Odeon, were all options for participants to join after the end of a conference’s day programme.