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Tour Thessaloniki thematically | The city's identity is a melting pot of its features....

Welcome city tour: Thessaloniki at a glance
tours on Fridays @ 11:00 | meeting point: White Tower Square
duration: 2h | maximum participation: 30 persons | price: € 30,00
(includes coach bus transportation, professional tour guide)

Get a first glimpse of the city by joining the Welcome city tour. The professional tour guide will introduce you to the great landmarks and the most significant monuments of Thessaloniki. The White Tower, the city walls, the Basilicas, the Galerian Complex, the Soah Monument, the culturally regenerated pier of the Port, the waterfront promenade, all ideally representing Thessaloniki and its historical layers are included in this 2 hour coach tour. 

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Winery visit: a local tradition, a pleasure worldwide
tours on Fridays @ 11:00 | meeting point: White Tower Square
duration: 3-4h | maximum participations: 30 persons | price: € 35,00
(includes coach bus transportation, wine tasting & entrance fee)

Acquaint yourself with the exquisite Greek wines during a visit at Domaine Gerovassiliou, one of the most renowned wineries in Greece. The tour will start with a tasting of the most indicative wines of Northern Greece. During the visit you will have the chance to tour the wine cellars and learn all about the wine-making procedure, as well as the vineyard itself (depending on the weather). Furthermore, you will be able to visit the Wine Museum, located right next to the cellars and see various pieces of unique significance relating to the vineyard, and wine related fields.

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Vergina: the royal tombs of Ancient Macedonia, the kingdom of Alexander the Great
tours on Saturdays @ 09:30  | meeting point: White Tower Square
duration: 5h | maximum participation: 30 persons | price: € 55,00
(includes coach bus transportation, professional tour guide, lunch, entrance fees)

Participants of this tour, will visit the ancient capital of Macedonia, Aegae, nowadays known as Vergina, where they will have the chance to see the monumental palace, lavishly decorated with mosaics and painted stuccoes, and the burial ground with more than 300 tumuli, some of which date rom the 11th century B.C. More importantly Vergina hosts the Royal Tomb of King Philip II ofMacedonia, father of Alexander the Great that was discovered by archaeologist Manolis Andronikos in 1977. The excursion includes lunch at a local restaurant.  

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Dion: the sacred city in the foothills of Olympus, the Mountain of the Gods & Muses
tours on Saturdays @ 09:30 | meeting point: White Tower Square
duration: 51/2 h | maximum participation: 30 pax | price: 50 €
(includes coach bus transportation, professional tour guide, entrance fees, lunch box)

Dion, the sacred city of the Macedonians, lies on the foothill of Mount Olympus, where a sanctuary founded in the 5th century BC, is dedicated to the father of Gods, Zeus. This sacred place was for the Macedonians, everything that Zeus’ sanctuary in ancient Olympia was for the rest of the Greeks. Inside the walls, one can see the remains of the rich houses, the baths, the Odeon and a Christian basilica. Outside the walls, you will have the opportunity to see exquisite sanctuaries and the earliest existing theatre in Macedonia. A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Dion which hosts important finds from Dion is also included.

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Pella: a Hellenistic Macedonian exemplar urban unit and commerce center
tours on Saturdays @ 09:30 | meeting point: White Tower Square
duration: 4h | maximum participation: 30 | price: 45 €
(includes coach bus transportation, professional tour guide, entrance fees)

Pella was the capital of the Macedonian State from the early 4th century BC that reached the height of its prosperity in the Hellenistic period. Learn how one of the most organized urban units of ancient Macedonia evolved on the Hippodamean system of urban design and included an important commerce centre, its Agora that gathered the entire productive activity of Pella and its surrounding regions. Admire the urban architecture of the city which depicts the typical ancient Greek house type, with a peristyle courtyard, as well as a significant palace complex. Last but not least, they are going to see the mosaic decoration of extra-ordinary beauty which is one of the best-preserved elements in the archaeological site of Pella. 

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*Daily walks & tours programme is subject to change according to participation.
City walks may also be organised upon group requests.